The Benefits Of Distilled Water–The Power Of Fasting

For something that people have been doing for thousands of years, little is known about the power of fasting.  Why?  Modernization and school has made us believe that we need to eat often or we will starve.  After reading this post, you’ll see how much power there is behind doing something as simple as not eating for a certain period of time.

How Long Can You Really Go Without Food?

If you don’t eat for an extended period of time, a hormone in your body called Ghrelin send a message to your brain to make you feel hungry.  The feeling of hunger is not a bad thing.  It’s actually a defense mechanism.  If this hormone didn’t send that message to your brain, you may never feel the need to eat and may actually starve to death.

Your body needs food for energy, but not as often as you think.  The reason why we get fat in the first place is because, evolutionary speaking, your body doesn’t know when it’s going to get it’s next meal.  So when you eat, it spikes your insulin, telling the body to store the food (in the form of glycogen or fat) you’re eating to use for energy just in case there’s a famine.

What happens if you don’t eat for an extended period of time?  When you’re not stuffing your face with food every few hours, once the glycogen (a form of energy your body uses) in your body is tapped out, your body will start eating it’s fat reserves.  Once you have no more fat in your body, then it will start to eat away at the muscle and this is why your body is actually starving.  This usually happens if you don’t eat enough over a long period (possible months).  This is why you can see anorexic peoples bones all over their body because the body is starting to eat away at the muscle.

By not eating for a few hours to a few weeks, you will not starve to death… unless you don’t have enough fat in your body to survive in the first place.  This is usually for people whose bodies can’t store fat or people who are anorexic.  As a matter of fact, one of the most powerful ways to lose weight is to go on a short fast each day called Intermittent Fasting.  I’ve done this and have lost a lot of fat.  Some people go on longer fast (over a few days to a few weeks) to detox their body and heal their bodies at a much higher efficiency.

Let’s talk about that right now…

The Human Body Never Gets A Chance To Fully Heal And Here’s Why…

We give our bodies a rest every night when we go to bed.  We give it rest days when we work out.  The problem is we never give our digestion a rest.  Instead, when we’re sick or injured, we might eat more to “keep up our strength”.

When you eat, your body has to do a lot to process all that food and energy before it leaves your body via urination or bowel movement.  There are muscles moving that food through your system that never gets a rest until you go to sleep.  If you were to stop eating for a few days, your body would do some amazing things that you never thought possible.

There have been people who made claims of scars disappearing when they went on an extended fast (over a few days to a few weeks).  They may have had some type of disease or illness that went away because they gave their body the rest it needed to focus on repairing the problem areas.

One of the things your body does is rid itself of things that don’t belong.  If you have some type of disease, your body says,

“Okay, not eating?  Now let me fix that other problem I couldn’t fix all this time because I was too busy digesting food”

If you want to test this out for yourself, consult your physician and homeopathic healer.  Here’s a video of a YouTuber (I’m actually subscribed to his channel.  He has other fasting videos too) who did an 18-day water fast, giving his experience….

When Animals Get Wounded…

When animals get wounded in the wild, they’ll lay out and not eat for days.  Nature knows that when you don’t eat, your body can fully rest and this is when the healing begins.  It will cleanse itself of toxins, it will eat away at bad tissue that your body doesn’t need.  It will do things that you never thought was possible, but in order to get to that point… you may need to go without eating for a few days to a few weeks.

Surgery and medicine is a fairly new concept, evolutionary speaking.  When humans were hurt, we would remove the object that may have pierced our body, put some type of herb or leaves on it, and let the body go to work.  Surgery has it’s place and saves thousands of lives a day, but your body doesn’t get enough credit for doing something before the invention of the scalpel.

Eating All Day Long Is A Fairly New Concept

Before the invention of the grocery store or supermarket, humans had to do what animals did… either scavenge for for or hunt for food.  You couldn’t go and buy some fruit from a fruit stand.  When you  came across a food source, if it could last a few day, you would load as much as possible in some type of ancient storage area.  If the food would rot after being out in the hot sun for hours, like meat, you and your group (tribe) would have to eat as much as possible before your next meal.  Some groups would follow certain animals which made having an available food source much more accessible.

In modern times, we have become very spoiled.  We have become so spoiled that we actually throw food away when we don’t want it anymore.  In ancient time, nothing got wasted.  Even the bones of an animal was used.  Just imagine if an ancient hunter/gatherer saw you throw food away.  They would think you’re crazy and eat the food right from the ground where you left it.

Food is very important, and we need it to survive, but the human body makes sure that it does everything in it’s power to ensure it’s survival.  Not having a ready food source meant that the food you ate during that big feast was stored as glycogen or fat and your body used it for energy when there was no food available.

In Ancient Times Humans Wouldn’t Eat For Days Or Weeks At A Time

As mentioned above, during ancient times, humans would go days without eating.  They survived and were able to keep the human population from going extinct.  If you read certain biblical claims, they give the age of some of the people in the hundreds.  Not sure if they used a different calendar than we do, but you can actually live longer when you aren’t eating every few hours.

During ancient times, people appreciated food.  They would eat big feast and treat food like medicine in certain instances.  This mentality has been lost in modern times, especially in developed countries.  What do people do?  We go food shopping and eat 6 meals or more per day.  When we don’t like a certain type of food, we throw it away.  In ancient times, when food was scarce, people had to endure eating some of the worst-tasting foods imaginable.

You may think that not eating for more than a week is preposterous, but people do it, just like the video above.  When you fast for about 16 hours or more per day, you do your body justice because your body fat is being tapped into on a daily basis.  The problem with eating all the time, your body doesn’t get a chance to really get to it’s fat reserve to lose body fat.  Most people have to rely on restricting their calories and burning those extra calories to lose weight.  Notice I said weight and not fat.  When you restrict your eating without doing an Intermittent Fast, your body is still storing fat because your insulin is always being spiked (your body stores body fat and glycogen).  When you stop eating for for an extended amount of hours per day, your body gets to tap into those fat reserves, making fat loss much more easier and effective.

If you’re interested in doing Intermittent Fasting, consult your physician and do research of your own.

The Human Body Is Built For Fasting

From an evolutionary standpoint, the human body can go without food for a really long time.  During this time, your body will use fuel sources from food you’ve eaten and, while you’re fasting, it will pull from the fat it stored while you were eating.   Believe it or not, but you have more energy than you think… even if you haven’t eaten anything for hours.

Think about this scenario:

You’re a hunter who is looking for food.  It’s been two days since you had your last meal.  The lakes are dried up, so you can’t fish, and there is no fruit or nuts to eat.  You have to find something to kill to eat.

You look directly in front of you… it’s a lion.  It hasn’t eaten for days either and you are looking like a good meal to him right about now.  Your fight or flight kicks in…

Even if you haven’t eaten in days, your body is using energy that it stored from your last meal.  So when your body uses up one fuel source (glycogen) it will start dipping into your fat reserves.  If you came face to face with a lion, even though you haven’t eaten anything, your mind would become razor sharp, your adrenaline would be pumping so if you need to run or fight, your body will allow you to do so.  Food would be the last thing you would want right about now.

This is why your body is built for fasting.  It doesn’t need food every few hours in order to function.  It feels like you can’t function if you miss a meal because you’ve become spoiled by having food anytime you want.  If you were caught in a situation where you couldn’t eat for a few hours, and danger was present, your body would kick into high gear, shut off certain hormones to keep you from feeling hungry, and sharpen your senses and increase other hormones to ensure your survival.

Don’t underestimate how long you can go without eating.  The human body has been able to go without food for long periods of time over the millennia.

People Have Made Claims To Being Cured Of Certain Diseases While Fasting For An Extended Period Of Time

Modern medicine tells us that we need to cut out damaged tissue to ensure we don’t spread the damage to other tissue in our body.  If you have a malignant tumor, we are told that we need to get it cut out so the cancer won’t spread to the rest of our body.  Some people have made claims that, by doing a longer fast (several days or weeks), they were able to  rid themselves of tumors.

How is this possible?

When the body goes into a long fast, it will stop using it’s energy to digest food (there’s no food in the system so it won’t need to).  During this time, the body will repair damaged tissue.  So the people who have made claims that they were able to rid themselves of the tumor by doing a long fast, what their body was doing was repairing itself and getting rid of the damaged tissue.

The reason why so many people don’t get to this point of healing their bodies is because most people don’t either know about this or they don’t want to deal with the pain of not eating for a really long time.

To find out more about cures and healing using fasting, you can do further research online.

After A Long Fast, You Should Re-Introduce Solid Foods Into Your Body Slowly

When you haven’t eaten for a really long time, your body will need to slowly introduce solid foods into your system.  People who come off of a long fast usually drink broths and eat foods that are easy to digest.  I’ve seen people (like the video above) eat watermelon to break their long fast.   Watermelon is very alkalizing and can give your body the nourishment it needs after not getting any food for so long.  Watermelon is very easy to digest because it’s mostly fruit juice.

After Coming Off A Long Fast, You Hit The “Reset Button” On Your Health

The beauty of doing a long fast is it allows you to hit the reset button on your diet.  Being that you haven’t eaten in so long, the additives used in the food you eat won’t have their addictive effects on you.  So if you wanted to eat more whole foods rather than junk food, your body may start craving those foods more being that your body is more hungrier for richer vitamins and minerals that are found in larger amounts in whole foods.

Drink More Distilled Water For Better Health… Even When You’re Not Fasting

While you’re doing either an Intermittent Fast or a long fast over a few days or weeks, you want to stay hydrated.  Water helps push out more toxins from the body, increasing the power of the fast.

The best water to use, because it holds so many toxins, is distilled water.  Distilled water doesn’t leave anything behind after you drink it, it passes through your body, taking with it the toxins that don’t belong in your body.

If you’re interested in doing a fast, you may want to consult your doctor to see if your system can handle such a long period without eating.  Even though fasting is good for you, it can still harm you if your body isn’t able to handle it.  Remember that you are not eating, so all the nutrients you would get from food, you’re not getting them.  Also, the healing that your body goes through may be so intense that your body may not be able to handle the shock.

Start off slow.  Don’t eat for about 16 hours.  When you get use to that over a few weeks, try to do a 24 hour fast each week.  Once you’re able to handle that, Do a 48 or 72-hour fast.  There have been people who have made claims that they felt rejuvenated after fasting for 72 hours (3 days).

If you decide to do a fast or not, I still highly recommend you drink distilled water.  You’ll be surprised how doing that alone can improve your health in a major way.

Read about my journey and introduction to drinking distilled water.


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