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Does Distilled Water REALLY Cause An Early Death?

The Misconceptions Of Distilled Water

There’s a major misconception about distilled water and how it affects the body, which gives people the false notion it will cause an early death. I’ve been drinking distilled water for years now and I am living proof that it has not done any harm to my body.  I’m gonna list a few reasons why people think that distilled water is unsafe to drink.  After reading this, you’ll have some clarity on if you should start drinking distilled water or not if you  have been under this false notion.

“Drinking Distilled Water Is Not Safe To Drink”

Let me ask you a question:

“Would you rather breathe air with smog, smoke, or any type of pollution or would you rather breathe the cleanest air you can breathe?”

The obvious choice is breathing the cleanest air you can breathe.  Think of distilled water the same way.  There is nothing added, but most (or all) of the things in your drinking water has been removed during the distillation process.

So if your tap water has a lot of additives and harsh metals, wouldn’t it be better to drink water with nothing at all?  Why?  When your water is void of everything, it holds a lot more toxins when it flushes out your body.

“Distilled Water Is For Medical Use Only”

Wanna know why distilled water is used medically?  Because when you’re doing dentistry, surgery, or any other type of medical or dental procedure, the last thing you want is an infection due to something that may be in the water.  This is the main reason why it’s used in the medical world.  The thing is distilled water is not medicine, so you can drink it the way you would any other type of beverage.  Drinking distilled water on a daily basis cannot give you an overdose the way medicine can.

“It’ll Leach Minerals From Your Body”

There are two types of minerals:



Organic minerals are found in plants or foods that have minerals that naturally occur.  Inorganic minerals are minerals that are not naturally found in food.  Inorganic minerals are not really meant to be in the body and this is why drinking distilled water to remove them is not really that bad.  If you want food rich in certain minerals, get it from a source where it is naturally found like certain plant-based foods.

A lot of our food is “fortified” with vitamins and minerals, meaning that it’s added by people to give the food more nutritional value.  Unfortunately, some of these vitamins are not properly absorbed by the body.  This is one of the reasons why you want to have a diet where the vitamins and minerals are organic because it can absorb into the body more effectively.

“It Doesn’t Give Your Body The Minerals It Needs”

Your water should not be your mineral source.  This is an argument people make to get people to drink more tap water.  Being that tap water has minerals (among other things), people will say it’s a better choice.  Don’t rely on your water source to give your body it’s daily dose of certain minerals.  Instead, look for foods that have an organic supply of these minerals because it will absorb into the body a lot better, and also, be your primary mineral source.

The main job of water is to flush and hydrate.  When your water has nothing added like distilled water, it does the best job of flushing your body because it holds more toxins and things that need to be removed from the body.  While it does that, it gives your body the hydration it needs.  Yes, it also flushes out minerals from the body, but as mentioned previously, it only does so to inorganic minerals, which actually helps prevent complications and mineral build-up.

“It’s Too Acidic”

When it comes to distilled water, on the pH scale, it will lean closer to being acidic.  So you may think,

“I want my body to be more alkaline, why should I drink water that’s going to make my body more acidic”.

Well, think of a lemon.  A lemon is very acidic, but once it’s in the body, it actually alkalizes the body.  Distilled water works the same way.

If you were to drink more distilled water, your body would become more alkaline and it can prevent certain problems that people have who are leaning more towards being acidic.

Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Drinking Distilled Water

Water is the most important substance on Earth.  Water makes up about 70% of the Earth and the human body has about that same percentage in it.  The problem is not all water is created equal.  As mentioned numerous times throughout this site, tap water should be drank as a last resort.

Distilled water is slept on as a good water supply because it’s not advertised like other types of water.  People focus on drinking water infused with something instead of drinking water that has absolutely nothing added to it.  Strip away these things from the water and it start to become more powerful.  It starts cleansing your body in a way that it may not have been cleansed before.

Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD be drinking distilled water…

It Does An Excellent Job Of Cleansing The Body

When someone mentions water, the first thing we associate it with is a “thirst-quencher” or “something to bathe with”.  We usually don’t think of water as something we use to cleanse the body (internally, that is).  One of the jobs of water is to internally flush out things that our body needs to get rid of.

If you want to have better health, it’s best to drink clean water that can do a really good job of cleansing the body.  This removes waste and mineral deposits that can harden in our bodies, causing certain diseases and ailments.  Unfortunately, most of the water people drink, they’re putting in more things into their body than they’re removing.

Distilled water is the best because it has nothing in it.  Just regular H-2-O.  Think of a cloth used to wipe a dirty table.  The more cleaner the cloth is, the more effective it is to clean that table.  If the cloth is dirty, it may leave a bad smell behind, it won’t get all of the dirt off of the table but just move it around making a bigger mess.  Distilled water is cleaner because it has nothing in it, which means it collects more “dirt” from your body and removes it without leaving anything behind.

Tap water is one of the worst types of water to drink to cleanse your body.  Why?  It is loaded with things your body doesn’t need and, when they pass through your body, it actually leaves a lot of stuff behind.  So, kinda like a dirty cloth, it may just be moving the toxins around in your body, and also “leaving a dirty smell behind”.

It Holds More Toxins

As mentioned previously, the cleaner the water is, the more effective it is at cleansing the body.  When you have a clean, dry cloth, it is able to pick up more dirt from the place you’re cleaning.  When too much dirt is gathered on the cloth (or you decide to use a dirty cloth to clean), the task is much harder because it seems like all you’re doing is moving the dirt around.

Distilled water has nothing in it which means it’s “empty”.  The emptiness of this water is what gives it it’s power.  While everyone is looking for water that is infused with certain minerals or vitamins, just drinking plain, old distilled water may actually do a better job.

Drinking distilled water makes the detoxifying process much quicker.  Your body has a cleaning system of it’s own.  The only problem is you need to make sure that the cleaning and filtration system is not getting any build-up.  When there’s build-up, it slows down the cleaning process or it doesn’t do a proper job at cleaning up.  When this system is flushed regularly, you’ll notice that your whole system is running more efficiently.

It Alkalizes The Body

If you look on the pH chart, distilled water is slightly more acidic, but when it enters the body, it actually alkalizes the body.  Think of a lemon.  A lemon is very acidic, but it does a great job at alkalizing the body as mentioned earlier.

What does that mean?

Well, the reason why we get sick most of the time is because bacteria thrives in acidic environments.  When your body’s pH level is more acidic, you are more inclined to getting sick.  When it’s more alkaline, bacteria can’t thrive in that environment, so they’ll die much faster or you won’t be sick as often.

Drinking distilled water brings your body’s pH level to where it needs to be to keep your body more alkaline, which can keep you from getting sick as frequently as possible.  Something as simple as drinking distilled water can keep your body in better health, which can keep you out of the doctor’s office.

Having a more alkaline body has other benefits that you can do further research on.

It Doesn’t Cost A Lot Of Money To Buy By The Gallon

For something that’s so powerful, you would think that distilled water would be the most expensive water you could buy, but it’s actually the opposite.  The water that everyone buys in a higher volume is spring water.  They buy mineral water or water that has things added to it to give you certain vitamins and minerals your body “needs”.  As mentioned before, you can get all the vitamins and mineral from the food you eat.

If want to start drinking more distilled water now, all you have to do is go to your local supermarket and buy a gallon ( or two).  If you compare the price to any other type of water, you’ll notice that it’s the cheapest.  Do not buy the distilled water that has fluoride added.  This defeats the purpose of drinking distilled water.  You want to keep fluoride out of your body.  They try to say that fluoride is good for dental health, but studies have been made that says that fluoride does more harm than good to your body.

Truth be told, but did you know that you can actually get GALLONS of distilled water for free?

Want Fresh Distilled Water For Free?  Why Not Make It?

All it takes is a small investment that can go a long way.  By having your own water distiller, you can use regular tap water and convert it into a much better drinking water source.  Just fill up your water distiller, set it, and hours later you can have a fresh gallon of water that didn’t cost you a thing.

One of the best things to buy that can improve your health is a water distiller.  This specific one can sit right on your countertop and takes up barely any space.  By having a water distiller, you can have about 3 gallons of distilled water for pennies on the dollar.  Buying gallons of distilled water can be costly over the years, but when you own a water distiller of your own, you actually save money.

Don’t make the same mistake I made.  If you buy a water distiller that is poorly made, you may have to replace it within a few years, which means you’ll have to buy a new one, which means you’re wasting money.  Buy one good one that will last you a really long time.

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