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Why Should I Buy A Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller Instead Of A Cheaper One?

When it comes to home distillation, you want to use the best machines on the market. The Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller happens to be one of the most effective, yet cost-effective.  Even though it’s cost-effective, doesn’t mean it’s affordable for everyone.  When something is not affordable, people like to go the cheap route.

If you’ve read my honest product review, you already know that if I could do it again, I would’ve waited to buy the Heavy Duty Distiller instead of invest in a cheaply made machine.

A Few Problems I Found Out When I Went The Cheap Route

No matter what it is, we all want to get the most bang for our buck.  Unfortunately, we tend to head towards the cheaper route and expect to get the best results.  Sometimes we get lucky and realize we didn’t need to spend the extra dough, other times we actually pay more because once the cheap product breaks down, we end up getting the more expensive product because it’s going to last longer.

I bought a water distiller (I forget the name) at a very low price.  I thought that all of them were pretty much the same and the higher price was more due to name brand.  Little did I know that this is one of those cases where you want to spend a little money to get the best product.

When I got it home, the first problem was the machine came with a plastic water carafe, meaning that when I distilled my water, it’s sitting plastic for hours.  Distilled water comes out warm, so the heat makes your water taste like plastic (kinda like having a full gallon jug in the sun for a few hours).  I ended up having to buy a  glass carafe separately, which meant I was paying the same price for a really good machine.  This was only a small problem compared to the main problem.

After a while, I noticed that the bottom of my machine (on the inside of the boiling tank) there was a small crack. I was still able to distill my water, but this small crack is a sign that the product itself is cheaply crafted and it’s more of a product flaw than something that happens to water distillers as a common thing.

After using this machine for about 3-4 years, one day I did what I normally do to distill my water, turned the machine on, and in the middle of the distillation process, my machine shut off.  I tried this numerous times and it kept shutting off mid-distillation each time.

If I knew what I know now, I would have saved my money and INVESTED in a really durable, heavy duty machine that can stand the true test of time.  Your machine should last you way more than 3-4 years.

You Want To Take Good Care Of Your Water Distiller

If you spend hundreds of dollars on something, you better take really good care of it.  Water distillers are simple pieces of equipment, but they need to be taken care of and cleaned after each use.

“Why do I need to clean out a water distiller?  It’s not like it’s a juicer.”

When your boiling tank is completely boiled out, even though you put in clear tap water from your faucet, you’ll see the residue that was left behind.  Remember that tap water has been put through a process, so when you boil this water completely out of the tank during the distillation process, you’ll see what was left behind.  In my experience, I saw a white hard plaque that was stuck to the sides and bottom of the boiling tank.  You want to buy a cleaner that can clean out this stuff.  Your machine may come with a small bottle of scale cleaner that does a really good job.  When you run out of the stuff from that small bottle, you may be able to go to a hardware store (or Walmart) and buy something that can get the job done.  They also sell scale cleaner online.

The most important part about cleaning your machine is making sure it not getting any physical damage done to it.  Keep it dry (the parts that you’re not suppose to put water in), try not to drop it, etc.  When you want to fill up your boiling tank with water, do not submerge it into any water.  This can damage the machine’s heating coils.  Instead, take your water sprayer on the side of your faucet and use that.  Or you can fill a gallon jug up and pour it into the machine.

Another reason why you don’t want to go the cheap route is because no matter how good you take care of your machine, it won’t stand up to the test of time.  When you take good care of your machine, it should extend the life of your machine, not give it a little more time you can use it before it breaks down on you.

Why So Picky About A Machine That Just Distills Water?

It’s not that you’re being picky about a water distiller, you’re being picky about where to spend your money.  Some things you can buy cheap, use them and not really care if they break down.  Being that water is a very important part of our lives, a machine that distills your water is something you shouldn’t take for granted.  It’ not like you can say,

“Okay, if I want clean my water I use this distiller or I could put it through a filter and get the same results”

If your water distiller breaks down on you, you can either buy another one that’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars more or you could spend a dollar a day over a lifetime that’s going to cost more than if you had the machine.  You want to buy your machine one good time and use it for a really long time.

Think about having a good water distiller like having a really good car.  You could buy a crappy vehicle that  you need to spend hundreds of dollars every year, or you could buy a really good car that may be a little more costly, but it won’t break down so easily and it’s more reliable for years to come.

Everything breaks down eventually, but you want that time to be more farther into the future.  It’s better to buy something that may break down in 15 years or more than buy something that’s going to break down in about five.  Over those 15 years or more, you really get the most use out of your machine.

If you go the cheaper route, you’ll waste so much money trying to buy the cheapest product.  It’s wiser to save your money to buy the highest quality than spend a little money today and get a product that you’ll be spending money every 3-5 years to replace the one that broke.

A Family “Health Insurance Policy”

When you’re drinking more distilled water, you’re flushing you body out the way it’s suppose to be flushed out.  Why not get your whole family to join in.  If you educate your family on the importance of drinking more distilled water over tap water, you’re helping them get on the right path to better health.

You and your family may not be big water drinkers.  If you read the post, Benefits Of Distilled Water–How To Drink More Distilled Water A Day, you’ll learn how easy it actually is to drink the 8 glasses of water a day.  Water may not be a delicious drink, but it is the most important drink.

Do you know that most of the time when we think we’re hungry we may actually be thirsty and not even know it?  A lot of overeating comes because we are ignoring the quenching of our thirst.  If you drink more water you’ll notice that you need to eat less frequently.

When you take baby steps towards better health and weight control, water consumption is a part of that step.  In both cases, you’ll notice that the most fit and the most healthiest (yes, there is a difference) drink a lot of water.  If you’re drinking distilled water, you’re doing it at higher level.  Drinking distilled water has such a bad rep because people think that it’s going leech minerals from their bodies.  If you’re eating right, you are getting your minerals from your food.  This site’s goal is to inform you on the benefits of distilled water and why you want you and your family to reap the rewards of those benefits.

Who would have thought that something as simple as switching to distilled water and increasing your intake of distilled water could be one of your best health insurance policies?

Here’s How You Can Get Your Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller

Lucky for you, you have a direct connection to where you can get your hands on the Heavy duty distiller.  All you have to do is click here to get there >>>> Get Your Heavy Duty Distiller