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Should You Distill Your Own Water At Home Without A Water Distillation Machine?

How safe is home water distillation? It’s very important that you distill your tap water before drinking it or cooking with it. Why? Because tap water has contaminants that may be responsible for the illnesses and diseases we suffer from today.  So the question is,

“Should you distill your own water at home without a water distillation machine?”

What Is Water Distillation?

Water distillation is simple yet powerful.  When the water from the ground evaporates into the atmosphere and turns into rain, this is a form of water distillation.  You can mimic this process through something called steam distillation.  That means you heat water to a boil, the steam gets cooled and turns into condensation.  The condensation drips into another container where it gets collected for drinking.

This is a very slow process where it takes 1 gallon of water about 4-6 hours to complete the distillation process.  It may sound like a waste of time just to get a drink of water, but by putting your water through this process, you decrease the chances of having contaminants from entering your body through your drinking water.

What You Need To Know To Improve The Distillation Process

There’s something you need to do to ensure that your water has the least amount of contaminants when it fully complete the distillation process.  It’s not good enough to turn water from liquid to water vapor back into water to rid the water of contaminants.  There’s something called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can contaminate your water before the boiling process begins.  This means that you need to prevent these compounds from getting into your distilled water before it even boils.  You do this by using carbon filtration as your water starts to vapor.

Homemade Water Distillation

There are people who find things around the house to use to distill their water.  This is very creative, but a lot of times these same people skip the carbon filtration process.

So all they’re doing is boiling water and collecting the condensed water into another container.  This is better than drinking tap water, but if you’re going to distill your water, you might as well do it right.

“It’s Better Than Drinking Tap Water, Right?”

Tap water is the last type of water you should drink.  Putting your water through a regular carbon filter (without distillation) is going to get rid of some contaminants like chlorine, lead, mercury, etc, but it doesn’t get rid of everything.  You still might have things like fluoride still pass through the filter.  Yes, it’s better than drinking tap water that has a lot of those unwanted contaminants in them, but it still has things in them that your body could do without.

When you drink water, you want the purest water you can get to get the best results that water is suppose to do for your body… flush it out and help it run at it’s optimal level.  By having contaminants and other things in your water, you may be leaving more things behind in your body that it can do without.

You Can Still Distill Your Water At Home And Get The Best Results

In order to get the best results, you need the best tool for the job, right?  Well, when it comes to home distillation, you need a machine that you can use to handle the evaporation, filtration, and water collection that comes from water distillation.  You need a water distiller machine.

Most people think that a makeshift distiller will be good enough.  As we’ve already mentioned, no one factors in the filtration portion of water distillation.  They’re trying to save money using whatever they can find around the house or buy parts from a hardware store that can do a “good enough” job at distilling their water.

Why go the cheap route when you can buy a machine that actually does what it’s suppose to do at an optimal level.

Different Types Of Water Distillers

Depending on the volume of water you want to consume or use, you want to make sure you get the right machine for the job.  Some people distill about 1-3 gallons of water a day because they drink and cook with it for themselves.  Other people like to distill more than 4 gallons of water a day.  For these people, they need a machine that automatically distills the water from the water line in their house.

Industrial Styled Water Distiller

If you like the idea of having distilled water whenever you want without the need of cleaning and manually filling the machine anytime you want to make a batch of water, you’re going to want a machine that connects to the water line and automatically does the job for you.

Click the Image for more details…

This machine actually distills 7 gallons of water a day and holds 6 gallons in it’s holding tank.  What does this mean?  It connects to the water line and distills the water all day long until the holding tank is full.  When the holding tank is full, it automatically shuts off.  When the holding tank start running low the machine shuts back on and begins the distillation process until the tank is full.

This machine is very convenient and gives a “set it and forget it” approach on the highest level.  Whenever you want to fill your water bottle or gallon jug, you don’t have to worry about setting the machine up each time you get a gallon of water.

Countertop Water Distillers

There are many types of countertop water distillers out there.  It usually boils down (no pun intended) to how long you want the water to distill, capacity, and design.  The good thing about countertop water distillers are they don’t take up a lot of space and they’re easy to use.

Most people prefer having a countertop water distiller because they’re less costly than the industrial-styled version.  Being that most countertop distillers don’t connect to your water line, you don’t need to have them on your countertop.  Some people have limited space on their countertop, so they might put their distiller somewhere else.

Here are a few examples of countertop water distillers you may find interesting:

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller


Waterlovers 2800 Water Distiller with Smart Technology

There is one that I highly recommend and that’s this one…

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

If you’re one of those people who think that “Water’s water”, distilled water is the best choice because you’re not digesting chemicals and other contaminants that tap water is loaded with.  These machine are a great investment because you buy them once and save a ton of money over time.  Buying distilled water by the gallon can be costly over the years, but buying a water distiller may cost you a lot one time, but you end up spending pennies on the dollar for multiple gallons of distilled water throughout the day.

Buying A Water Distiller Is A Wise Investment

If you think that the cost of the machine is not worth the purchase, think about your declining years.  As more research comes out, our drinking water can be linked to long-term ailments and diseases.  There are compounds and contaminants in tap water that can be linked to Crohn’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and much more.

By consuming gallons of distilled water throughout your life time may save you money on your hospital bill.  Think about it, if your body is being properly flushed out, it’s running at it’s optimal performance and can prevent diseases that many people fall victim to.

In a lot of people’s elderly years, they have to take a smorgasbord of medication for things that has taken a toll on their bodies over the years.  How do we know that some of those diseases and ailments haven’t come from drinking a large volume of tap water over the decades.  You have to keep in mind that heavy metals can wreak havoc on the body when consumed.  Guess what’s inside of your tap water due to the use of metal pipes?

It’s Always A Good Idea To Store Bottled Water

There will come times of emergency where you’ll need to stock up on bottled water.  By stocking up on distilled water, not only are you getting the best water, but if you’re making it with your water distiller at home, you’ll be saving a lot of money.  By distilling your water over a few days throughout the day, you could have possibly 9-10 gallons of water that cost you nothing because you’re getting your water from a free source (the tap) and turning that water into crisp, clean water.

Sometimes it’s not an emergency.  If you don’t drink any other type of water but bottled water, you’ll notice that you can go through a gallon like it’s nothing sometimes.  You can make coffee, tea, soups, broths, and everything else with bottled water.  This can get very expensive buying your water.  By having  your own water distiller machine, you can make a batch of distilled water any time you want.   All you have to do is make sure you have enough empty jugs to keep all these gallons of water.

“But I Don’t Like The Taste Of Distilled Water”

Distilled water has a very unique taste.  You have to keep in mind that all your life, you’ve been drinking water that has something in it.  Distilled water has nothing in it (not counting the things that come in contact with your water from the air), so it’s not going to have a familiar taste.

After drinking distilled water for a while, you’ll get use to the taste and actually dislike the taste of tap water.  This is actually a good thing.

My thoughts On Having A Home Water Distiller Machine

I did an honest product review on the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller because I felt it was the best home countertop water distiller and the one I had was not built to last.  I wish I had purchased the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller when I made my purchase.  One day I went to distill a batch of water and I noticed that the machine would keep shutting off mid-distillation.  This means that if you buy a cheap distiller you may have the same problem.

The reason why I recommend people buy their own water distiller is because you always want to be able to have clean water anytime you want.  Just like people who want to have a fresh cup of coffee anytime they want, they’ll buy a coffee maker and some coffee.  The best thing about distilled water is you’re not buying water to make it… you’re converting FREE tap water into distilled water.

Fortunately, if you are not ready to buy a machine, the cleanest, most purest water you can buy is also the cheapest water you can buy.  For the price of a 20 oz. bottle of spring water, you can buy a gallon of distilled water.  Distilled water gets a bad rep because it has no minerals or anything added, but you can get minerals from the foods you eat.  As a matter of fact the water that has minerals added is the water you shouldn’t be really drinking… tap water.

Get Your Very Own Home Water Distiller Machine

A product I highly recommend because it not too expensive like an industrial water distiller yet it’s built to last unlike the cheaper water distillers, is the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller.  I bought one that cost about $100-something and it broke on me in a matter of a few years.  I wasted money on a cheaply made machine and now all I’m saying to myself is I should have made a better investment the first time around.

If you can’t shell out the money for a water distiller today, I highly recommend you save your money and either get an industrialized version (if you use and consume higher volumes of distilled water) or the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller.  In both cases, you’ll have a superior machine that can last you a really long time and save you a ton of money years down the line.

You’ll realize that you’ll be saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars years down the line when it comes to water distillers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller, click here