“I’ll Never Drink Tap Water Again”–Top 10 Reasons To Switch To Distilled Water

Not too many people know about distilled water.  Some people who find out about it, have heard terrible things like “It can cause an early death” and “it leeches minerals from the body.  This is not true about the “early death” information and the only minerals it leeches are the inorganic minerals that can be responsible for deteriorating your health.

This post is gonna go through the top 10 reasons why I switched from drinking tap water to drinking and cooking with distilled water.

Reason #1–Distilled Water Is The Purest Water To Drink

The more pure your water is, the more it can quench your thirst, cleanse your body, and eliminate toxins without leaving anything behind.  The problem with tap water is it has chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, and microorganisms before it reaches your faucet.

Tap water may be responsible for a lot of disease we have today such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, certain cancers, etc.  The reason why is because we are drinking large volumes of water that’s putting things into our bodies that don’t belong.

Reason #2–Tap Water And Other Types Of Water Leave Things Behind When You Drink Them

Before the tap water reaches your faucet, it has been disinfected and loaded with chemicals that can cause health problems in the long run.  Depending on the area, you may have a higher water contamination crisis than others.  It’s very important you understand that when you’re trying to cleanse your body using tap water, you may be flushing some stuff out, but you’re also leaving a lot behind.

With spring water, it all depends on the source.  Certain companies use different water sources and these sources may not always be the best.  You may not have all the chemicals as tap water, but you may have microorganisms that got passed the filtration process.  It may not be enough to harm you, but when it comes to cleansing your body, you want nothing left behind.

Reason #3–Distilled Water Is Cheap To Buy Compared To Other Bottled Waters

The higher the name brand of your water, the more expensive it becomes.  If the water has some kind of mineral or electrolytes added to it, this also raises the price.  Fortunately, people fall for the marketing, leaving the best water on the market, the lowest priced water on the market.

In order for water to be considered “distilled”, it has to be tested and have nothing added to it such as fluoride, chlorine, any heavy metals, etc.  It must be purified, removing everything from it.  Why?  Distilled water is not just used for drinking.  People use distilled water for machinery.  If they use tap water or some other type of water, it may rust the machinery, making the water company responsible.  Doctors and dentist use it for their patients.  If the water has any contaminants in it, it can cause the patient to have an infection.  If the water is not distilled, and the patient gets an infection, the doctors can be sued.

So if you’re buying your water by the gallon, you may be spending about $2 a gallon for spring water or water with additives, while pure distilled water will only cost you about $1.  When you only drink these types of water everyday, it does get very expensive over time.

Reason #4–It’s The Best Water To Detox And Cleanse Your Body

If you were to ever go on a water fast or some kind of detox, did you know that distilled water would be the best choice?  Why?  Well, being that there’s nothing left behind when you drink distilled water, all of your organs and cells are being flushed and all of the toxins are being eliminated at a much higher rate than drinking any other type of water.

Distilled water is sometimes called “empty water” because it has no nutrients, no chemicals, no nothing added to it.  If there’s nothing in it, when it leaves your body, it takes the bad stuff with it, and leaves nothing behind.  When your water does this, you have a more effective detoxifying of your body and you’ll feel the difference.

Reason #5–Distilled Water Can Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are formed in the body by excessive amounts of calcium forming in the kidneys.  The bigger these stones get, the more painful it becomes when you try to pass them.  I’ve never had kidney stones, but I could imagine trying to pass something that’s as big as a kidney bean (no pun intended) through something the size of a coffee straw.

When you drink more distilled water, you don’t give these stones a chance to form.  Your body is being flushed on a regular basis, which means your kidneys are constantly free of calcium build up.  If you drink tap water, there are traces of heavy metals in your water from the pipes they travel, which may be left behind when you urinate.  Over time, this can be something that you’re trying to pass out of your system.

Reason #6–Distilled Water Helps Improve Mental Clarity

Distilled water cleanses your body… your whole body.  When your body is cleanse, this can improve your mental clarity.  When your body is cleanse, it helps you get better sleep (unless you’re constantly waking up to use the bathroom), which keeps your mind sharper.

You want to keep in mind that when your water is loaded with chemicals and heavy metals, this can affect your brain function.  Studies show that aluminum and other heavy metals could be responsible for brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.  This can be prevented by drinking water and decreasing or eliminating your intake or use of aluminum products that can get into your bloodstream.

Reason #7–You Can Cook With It And Make Teas And Coffee With It And It Doesn’t Ruin The Taste

I wrote a post called, Benefits Of Distilled Water–Coffee, Tea, And Cooking, that talks about being able to use distilled water for drinking as well as cooking with.  When you  use tap water, those chemicals and other impurities still get into your food, even though you’re boiling the water.  With distilled water, you can use it and it will not ruin the taste.

Some people may think that you’ll lose nutrients in your food if you cook with distilled water.  The truth is, whatever nutrients you’ll lose with any other type of water, you may lose it with distilled water.  Your body takes what it needs and eliminates the rest.  So the nutrients you lose through cooking your food, may not be enough  to get too concerned.

We eat so much food throughout the day that we get our nutrients from all the food we eat.  Whatever the body doesn’t use, it eliminates.  This is one of the reasons why when you take vitamins, your urine turns a brighter color.  This is your body getting rid of the excess vitamins it doesn’t need.

Reason #8–You Can Make It Right From Your Kitchen

Have you ever heard of a water distiller?  These are machines you can buy that will distill the water for you.  All you do is connect it to your water line or manually pour the water into the machine.  Once the process is done, you have crystal clear, drinkable distilled water.

The good thing about distilled water is that it’s bringing water back to it’s essence.  All you’re doing is removing anything that was in the water.  Nature did not intend for water to have chemicals and heavy metals in it.  Nature did not intend for water to have fluoride in it.  When you have a machine that eliminates all of that, right from your kitchen counter, you’ll notice the improvement of you and your family’s health.

Buying a water distiller is one of the best investment you can make for you and your family’s health for a number of reasons.  Two are low cost for distilled water and drinking a more higher quality water.

Reason #9–When You Buy A Machine To Distill Your Water, You’re Spending Pennies On The Dollar For Distilled Water

By investing in a water distiller, you are doing what the water companies do before they put it into the gallon jug.  They take plain tap water and convert it into distilled water.  You’re taking free tap water that comes right out of your faucet, putting it through a machine, and the end product is crystal clear water with nothing added but everything taken away.

If you did the math, you’ll find out that by distilling your water, all you’re doing is buying a machine, which cost about $300 for a really good one that distills at optimal level, you’re buying carbon filters to filter out things during the distillation process, and you’re paying for a lime and scale cleaner to clean out the leftover from the water you’ve distilled.

So it’ll cost you roughly about $730 to buy two gallons of water a day for one year.  It’ll cost roughly about $384 for the first year you invest in your water distiller.  After you buy the machine, all you’re doing is buying cleaner for the machine and carbon filters.  So you may be paying about $84 a year for about 3 gallons of water a day if you do a comparison.  It may be even less depending on how much your filters and lime and scale cleaner costs.

You may not like the idea of paying so much for a machine that just purifies your water, but as you can see, you’ll get a return on your investment right away.

Reason #10–You Improve Your Health Dramatically Just By Drinking Water

When you’re told to drink 8 8-oz glasses of water, it’s only good for you if the quality of the water is good.  By drinking this amount of distilled water a day, you may extend your life and improve your health on so many levels.  If you do your research, just by drinking more distilled water per day, you’ll be shocked at what can happen to your body if you make the switch.  I’ll leave this research up to you.

If you’re concerned about your health and your energy level, you’ll find out by drinking more distilled water, things will start to change.  If you lack energy and have ache and pains, by cleansing your system, you’ll get rid of things forming in your system that’s causing these aches and pains.  You’ll start getting more sleep (just try not to drink too much water before you go to bed), and a higher quality of sleep that will give you more mental clarity.

This sounds like I’m exaggerating  but I’m actually leaving a lot of benefits out because I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, who say so much more amazing things about your body when you drink more distilled water.


With all these reasons, you’ll want to make the switch, too.  Drinking distilled water on a daily basis will improve the quality of your health.  Tap water is loaded with chemicals and may actually be responsible for a lot of the diseases we have in this day and age.  If you think it doesn’t matter what kind of water you drink, after drinking distilled water and knowing about all the benefits it has, you’ll never want to go back to tap water ever again.

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