Caring For The Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller–A Quick Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Your Water Distiller Machine

Whenever you’re drinking distilled water, you want to make sure that it’s the purest of the megahome heavy duty distillerpurest. There are two things you want to keep in mind when make distilled water right from your countertop:

1. You want your water distillation unit to be in tip-top condition and working at it’s optimal level
2. You want the end-product to be the purest of the purest clean drinking water

This article is gonna be very brief because it’s so easy to ensure that your Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller is well-maintained.

Make Sure You Keep The Water Distillation Unit Dry

Do not submerge your countertop water distiller machine in water or any liquid for that matter. You can wipe the outside of the machine with a damp rag. Unless you leave your distiller in a place where it can attract a lot of food and/or dirt, you shouldn’t need to clean the outside of the machine frequently.

The part of the machine that will need the most cleaning will be the inside of the machine. When you distill water, the residue from the tap water will be at the bottom of the machine when all the water has evaporated. Which reminds me, you will need to…

Clean The Inside Of Your Machine With A Scrub Brush And Hard Water Removerwater distiller machine

Once the tap water has evaporated and the machine has fully cooled down, look inside your water distiller. You’ll notice that there is gunk and build-up left behind from the evaporated tap water. The beauty of this machine is it evaporates and filters out all the stuff that shouldn’t be introduced to your body, giving you more cleaner drinking water.

To clean the inside of your machine,

1. Take some hard water remover and let it sit in your machine for about 10-30 minutes (the more scale build up, the longer you want the hard water remover to sit to break up the hard plaque that sticks to the bottom of your machine). For the crystalized hard water remover, you may need to add hot distilled water (boil some distilled water) to the crystals you put inside the machine. For liquid hard water removers, spray some all around the inside the machine (especially the bottom).

2. After your 10-30 minutes are up, take a scrub brush and scrub the inside of your machine. Once you scrub the inside of the machine, you’ll notice the plague at the bottom of the machine breaking up.

3. Rinse the inside of your machine with water. You can use tap water or distilled water. Make sure there is no residue left from the hard water remover.

4. Let your water distiller air dry or you can make another batch of distilled water after it has been cleaned.

Make Sure The Water Collector Is Clean And Clear

If you don’t replace the filters as recommended, you may notice residue on the sides of your water collector while it is dry.  When this happens, it’s time to replace the charcoal filter. Not only this, but you may get bugs flying into your water collector. There have been batches of water I’ve made that had little gnats floating at the top of my water. You may want to cover the opening of your water collector while it’s distilling water and also when it’s not in use. The last thing you want to do is bottle your water and find little “floaties” at the top of your batch.megahome heavy duty distiller

Treat Your Machine Like An Investment

All investments should be protected. This machine costs a pretty penny so you want to make sure it’s well-maintained and not in harm’s way on a regular basis. If you take care of this “investment” it will keep serving up the cleanest water it can make.

==>Here’s a link to the review I did on the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller. If you’re thinking about buying a countertop water distiller, this machine is worth every penny at a reasonable price.