Benefits Of Distilled Water–Why Drinking Distilled Water Should Be Your Preferred Choice

Before you turn on the tap and get yourself a glass, you are gonna want to read this page in it’s entirety.  What I’m about to share with you will have you think twice before you even take a sip of tap water.
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When you get yourself a glass of water right from the faucet, you don’t think twice.  Well, unfortunately, the reason for most of our health problem may not be from lack of water, but from too much of the wrong kind of water.
“Water’s water” is something you may be saying, but that’s not necessarily true.  Tap water has so many chemicals and impurities that if you did a little experiment, you’ll see that this water could be the thing clogging your arteries, not all that cholesterol in your diet.
You want your water to be pure.  I’m talking only H…2…O.  The only water that can give you that is distilled water.

You May Have Been Told Of The Early Death

Let me clear up a big misconception about distilled water.  There’s information about distilled water causing an early death.  Saying that it leeches the minerals from your body and does not have any minerals it puts back into your body.  Let me say this:
1. If you’re eating food rich in natural vitamins and minerals, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc, distilled water does not leech organic minerals from the body (the kind our bodies produce or the kinds from plant and animals we eat)
2. You shouldn’t use water as a mineral source.  You “eat” your minerals, water is suppose to clean your system and make sure your body is well hydrated and lubricated.

Distilled Water Cleans Your System Best Because It Holds More Toxins

The reason why we drink water is to eliminate toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, etc.  If your water has stuff added to it, like tap water, which has tens of thousands of chemicals and impurities, it will do a lousy job at cleaning your system because it will not only hold enough toxins, but it will leave toxins behind!
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Distilled water is considered “empty” or “dead” water because it has nothing in it, not because it will kill you.  So just like a clean feather duster or clean vacuum cleaner, it collects more impurities and toxins better because there’s nothing in it and has better trapping power.

Distilled Water Alkalizes The Body Even Though It’s More Acidic Than Alkaline Water

For people who want to alkalize their bodies, they may shy away from distilled water.  Just like lemon water alkalizes the body when it enters your system, drinking distilled water does the same thing even though it is more acidic than alkaline water.  It alkalizes inside the body.

Boil Tap Water And See What Happens

drinking distilled water,make distilled waterLet’s try a little experiment:
1. Buy a gallon of distilled water
2. Get two clean pots to boil water.  Put 4 oz. of distilled water in one pot and 4 oz. of tap water in the other.
3. Let the water evaporate in both pots and look at the bottom of the pot.
You may see a film or plaque at the bottom of the pot in your that use to contain the tap water.  The pot that contained the distilled water will look clean and clear.  Imagine what’s happening to your body when you drink tap water.  This is why I said that it may be the type of water you may be drinking that clogs your arteries more so than the high cholesterol you may be consuming in your diet.

“Drinking Only Distilled Water Can Get Expensive Over Time”

If you compare mineral water, spring water, and other bottled waters, distilled water with nothing added is actually the most inexpensive, but if you like drinking free water, there is a way you can make a small investment and drink “free” distilled water.