Benefits Of Distilled Water On The Body–Are You Drinking Enough?

The benefits of distilled water on the body are amazing.  The thing you have been told about drinking water is due to drinking distilled water not tap water.  Check out the post, What’s In Your Water?–Why Drinking Distilled Water Is The Preferred Option, where it talks about all the reasons why you shouldn’t drink the stuff coming out of your faucet.  Distilled water has some amazing benefits that need to be listed in this post.  Here are a few:

Does A More Thorough Flush Than Other Drinking Watersbenefits-of-distilled-water-on-the-body-flush

Tap water is something that doesn’t need to be mentioned when it comes to flushing out the body.  If you drink tap water, more than likely, you are leaving behind a lot of the stuff your body needs to get rid of.  Distilled water is called “empty water” so it holds more toxins, bacteria, viruses, and parasites that need to leave the body.  Whenever you use the bathroom, you are flushing out the body of things that don’t belong in your body.  Excess vitamins and minerals your body doesn’t absorb, toxins, bacteria, etc. leaves your body to prevent it from being clogged and bogged down.  If you drink distilled water, it holds a lot of these things within it, so it can leave your body more thoroughly.

Maintains Healthier Kidneys And Other Organs In The Body

Your organs work together to keep you mobile, reproducing, and to continue living.  You have a system in your body that gets rid of waste to prevent it from getting sick from all the things we get bombarded by.  If it’s pollution, microorganism, or just a build up from the food and beverages we consume, our body has a way of getting rid of it by any means.  When you drink distilled water, it makes sure this system (and other systems in the body) are running smoothly.  Just like a filter needs to be cleaned so it can filter things out properly, so do the organs that get rid of waste.  If you drink a lot of water, you notice that you are using the bathroom constantly.  This is your body getting rid of excess water.  When this happens, all the garbage that was left behind leaves right with that excess water.

Distilled Water Helps You Think Clearlybenefits-of-distilled-water-think-clearly

When the body is clean, the brain becomes more sharper and can concentrate more effectively.  If you’ve heard cases from people who go on water fasts, they’ll say that they are more alert, they can think clearly, and have more energy.  Well, when the body is clean, it functions properly.  That includes the mental function.  You have to keep in mind that the brain is the control center of the whole body.  When something happens to the brain, it can affect  certain parts of your body or shut down completely.  Drinking distilled water helps clean the body more effectively so, when you drink distilled water, even when you’re not on a fast, the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, the pollution in the air doesn’t effect you as much if you aren’t drinking any water at all.

Just by drinking more distilled water, you’ll notice that your energy is boosted the first time around.  When you’re not drinking it often, you’ll see a big difference in your energy level and how it dropped.

You Get Rid Of More Waste Products From Your Body

Not to gross you out, but urination is not the only thing that happens when you drink a lot of water.  When you drink more water, you’ll notice that you may be taking a “number 2” more often as well.  Why?  Well, think about it.  Even though it’s solid waste, water is still used to move that waste out of your body.  This is why if you have an excess amount of water or not enough water, you will either be constipated, have diarrhea, or not able to go altogether.  Distilled water holds more waste products so it can collect it and bring it to places it needs to go.  That means you’ll have more solid waste and urination happening.  You may not go often, but if you’re stopped up, you’ll see a heavier volume in one go.

Is Drinking More Liquids Just As Good As Drinking More Water?

As you already know, when you drink or eat something, your body takes what it needs from it and gets rid of the rest.  So if you’re drinking juice, it will take the vitamins and sugars from the juice and get rid of whatever it doesn’t need.  Same thing with food.  Let’s get something straight… drinking more liquids other than water is not the same as drinking more water.  Some liquids you drink can actually dehydrate you.  This is one of the reasons why it’s not healthy to drink sea water.  Even though it’s a liquid, and it’s water, the water itself will dehydrate you and your body actually rejects it.  Not only that but it has a lot of fecal matter, sand, and other contaminants that don’t belong in your body.  If you drink coffee, it’s another drink that can dehydrate you.  When you don’t drink enough water, you may notice that you’ll get headaches.  The reason why is you’re dehydrated.  This is a warning sign that you need to drink water before things get worse.

The body needs water to hydrate itself.  Trying to hydrate with things like coffee, energy drink, etc. without drinking water, may actually keep you dehydrated.  A lack of water is not something to take lightly.  Your kidneys can actually shut down when it’s not properly hydrated because it’s not being flushed properly.  When your body dehydrates, not only can the kidneys shut down, but it can affect the rest of your body as well.  Don’t think that just because something is wet that it’s giving you the hydration you need.  There’s no substitute for H20 (the word hydration comes from the word hydrogen, which is the same thing that’s in water).

Improve Your Health By Drinking More Waterbenefits-of-distilled-water-on-the-body-drinking-water

When you drink more water, your body can absorb the vitamins in food and get rid of the excess waste more effectively.  If you’re not drinking water, waste material in the body seem to linger a lot longer.  So if you’re not having frequent bowel movements or they seem to be days apart from one another, you may need to be drinking more water.  So picture this:

When you eat, food is being passed through your digestive tract, and the remaining waste is passed through the intestine.  Once all the nutrients have been absorbed, the leftovers are passing through the intestine so they can evacuate either the urethra or the rectum.  When you’re not drinking enough water, you’ll notice that your urine is dark yellow or orange.  Your body  is using the little water it has to get rid of the urine.  You’ll notice that when you drink a lot of water, your urine is light yellow or clear.  This means you have an abundance of water in your system.  You’ll also notice more bowel movements or a heavier volume of solid waste if you’ve haven’t been taking a “number 2” in a while.  Just because you didn’t go, doesn’t mean you don’t have solid waste in your intestine, waiting to leave the body.

You Still Get Rid Of Solid Waste Even When You’re Fasting

If you went on a water fast, even though you haven’t eaten anything over a few days or weeks, you’re still taking a “number 2”.  Why?  Think of it like this.  You have miles of intestine in your body (you heard that right… miles of intestine.  It’s just set in your body in a way that everything fits) and each time you use the bathroom, you still have solid waste in your body.  Believe it or not but you still have solid waste in your body from food you’ve eating YEARS ago.  When you go on a water fast, this is your body detoxifying itself, getting rid of years of solid waste that hasn’t passed through your system yet.  When you eat, you never give your body a chance to get rid of everything, so as you eat, you’re just pushing out the stuff you probably ate years ago.

A Lot Of Illnesses and Diseases Come From Build-Up In The Body

Think of all the diseases we have in this day and age.  A lot of times it links to the systems in the body that gets rid of waste.  You have Renal Disease (a disease of the kidneys), colon cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, Crohn’s Disease, liver disease, etc.  When the system that cleans the body get clogged and blocked, it stops functioning properly and then it starts a chain reaction.  You may have heart disease because your lungs aren’t working properly.  When you’re young, you don’t think about this happening to you until you start feeling those aches and pains.  Then one day the pain is so unbearable that you go to the doctor.  The doctor looks at you and tells you that you have some kind of disease.

If You’re Not Feeling Well, Try To Do A 1-2 Day Water Fastbenefits-of-distilled-water-on-the-body-water-fasting

I am not a physician or an expert on fasting.  If you are interesting in doing a 1-2 day fast, consult a physician and do your own research how to do a fast.  After reading this, do your research to make sure everything I mention is plausible and will work for you.

The first thing you want to do is pick a day or two where you don’t have to do any strenuous activity.  Fasting does not mean “starve yourself”.  In the wild, when an animal is injured, it fasts for a few days to heal faster.  Indigenous people normally do long fast (sometimes 3-7 days or more) to when there is no food source around.  As a matter of fact, eating every two hours is something that’s fairly new from an evolutionary standpoint.  In ancient times people would eat a big feast and fast until they ate another meal.  This was sometimes the next day.

Anyway, if you find yourself not feeling well, don’t eat anything for about 24-48 hours and drink nothing but distilled water.  Why?  If you’re fighting a bug or your body needs repair itself, it needs rest.  That’s external rest (not doing any strenuous activity) and internal rest (your body is not working hard to digest food).  So what ends up happening is your body is cleansing itself and flushing out the toxins that’s making you sick, you’re constantly using the bathroom to get rid of whatever’s making you sick a lot faster, and you’re resting so your body isn’t working extra hard and can focus on repairing itself after it’s battle with whatever’s  making you sick.

This won’t be easy, especially if you’re use to eating every two hours or so.  What you want to do is lay in your bed and just relax.  If you’re one of those people that must do something, do some non-strenuous cleaning like cleaning out your junk drawer or go through some papers to see what needs to be thrown away.  After a day or two, you may notice that you feel much better, now all you want to do is get something to eat.

So How Much Water Should You Drink?benefits-of-distilled-water-on-the-body-how-much-water

For many years we’ve been told that we should be drinking at least 8 8-oz glasses of water.  That’s approximately half a gallon.  This is usually for the average person.  For people who are more active, they recommend at least one gallon per day.  This sounds like a lot but it’s really not that hard to do.  I did one-gallon-per-day of distilled water for about two months.  During that time, I had more energy and mental clarity.  The only problem you’ll run into is you’ll constantly be running to the bathroom, which can be annoying, especially after going about an hour ago.

Does Drinking So Much Distilled Water Lead To An Early Death

Saying that drinking distilled water leads to an early death is like saying that breathing pure clean air with no pollution is going to kill you.  We should be drinking the cleanest water, with nothing added to it, so we can get rid of a lot of junk in our bodies.  What you may notice from drinking a gallon of distilled water is you may not get sick frequently.  If you do get sick, you may be able to fight it off faster than before.  Being that you are constantly flushing your body out, you’re removing the things that’s making you sick at a much higher rate.

benefits-of-distilled-water-on-the-body-one-gallonDrinking a gallon of distilled water will not leech the mineral from your body.  Only the inorganic minerals.  It will actually get rid of excess mineral deposits that may cause kidney stones.   How?  When you’re flushing out the body on a regular basis, these stones don’t have a chance to form.  Excess minerals are excreted through the body, only allowing the amount of your body needs to function to be absorbed properly.  Think about it, in ancient times, people did not take vitamin and mineral capsules to get their recommended daily intake.  Instead, they relied on the food to provide them with the vitamins and nutrients they needed.  Yes, the food was more vitamin and mineral-rich in ancient times, but just like today, whatever the body didn’t use, it was removed from the body through the waste.

Can Drinking A Gallon Of Distilled Water A Day Cause Water Intoxication?

You get water intoxication (the medical term is hyponatremia) from drinking too much water on a daily basis.  The sodium in your body drops too low, which can cause certain organs to shut down.  This can be fatal.

Are you afraid?

Well don’t be.  According to WebMD, you would need to drink GALLONS AND GALLONS of water per day for that to happen.  So if you’re drinking about 6 gallons a day (maybe less, maybe more), you may be running into water intoxication territory.

The truth is, we run the risk of dehydrating than over-hydrating.  All the foods we eat have a high level of sodium.  The more salt we eat, the more likely we dehydrate our bodies.  Keep in mind that just because something isn’t salty doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a high level of sodium.  Drinking a gallon of distilled water per day actually helps flush out excess salt in your body to keep you from dehydrating.

Drinking a gallon a day will not give you water intoxication because we get rid of so much water aside from urination.  When we sweat, we are getting rid of water.  This is why you’re told to drink a lot of water when you workout or if it’s really hot outside.

Your body is a very intelligent machine.  Whenever you have an excess amount of water in your system it doesn’t need, it gets rid of it.  So if you’re drinking a gallon of water, you’ll be running to the bathroom all day long.  Your body absorbs what it needs and gets rid of the rest.  You want this constant flush throughout the day (even though it’s annoying at times) because while you’re getting rid of this water, you are getting rid of toxins that don’t belong in your body.

Do You Have To Drink Only Distilled Water For Better Health?

You have other types of water, such as spring water and alkaline water, that hydrates your body, but as I’ve been drilling into your head:

“The less you have in your water, the more toxins it can hold”

Spring water is very good water to drink if the source is good.  Even with a good source, you’ll have small amounts of natural elements in your water.  These won’t harm you, but it still occupies a space in your water on a molecular level.

Another thing about spring water is, unless you have a spring in your backyard, it can be very expensive over time.  Spring water is actually more expensive than distilled water when you buy it by the gallon.

Does It Really Matter What Kind Of Water I Drink To Hydrate My Body?  Water’s Water!

The quality of your water determines the quality of your health.  Our bodies are about 75% water.  If you put contaminated water in your body, it may not do damage right away, but over time your health will suffer.  It is to my understanding that one of the main reasons why we have so many illnesses and diseases are due to our water supply.  Our tap water has impurities and chemicals in it that can affect our bodies in a major way throughout our lives.  With the advice of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, this just accelerates the process.

When you replace tap water with a higher quality of water, you’ll notice your health start to improve.  You flush out your system of the things your body doesn’t need, without leaving any of the bad stuff behind.

Enjoy Some Of The Best Water You Can Drink Right From Your Counter Top

We all know how expensive bottled water can be.  Fortunately, you can take the tap water running from your faucet and transform it into crystal clear distilled water.  Using the power of steam distillation, your tap water is purified.  You don’t have to worry about any parasites.  You don’t have to worry about any of the harsh chemicals.  Finally you can drink pure water.  The type of water you should be drinking for better health.  This is the type of water you should be drinking 8 glasses of.

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