Benefits Of Distilled Water–Coffee, Tea, And Cooking

When you start drinking more distilled water, you’re going to start using it for your teas, coffee, cooking, and whatever else you can think of.  Distilled water is very cheap to buy, so you may want to stock up on gallons of the stuff to reduce your chances of using the stuff right out of the faucet.  It’s always best to have a full jug or two that can be used for drinking, cooking, or whatever makes you happy.

The Boil Test–What Tap Water Leaves Behind Vs. What Distilled Water Leaves Behind

drinking distilled water,make distilled waterIt’s funny how the last thing on people’s minds when it comes to their health is the quality of water they’re drinking.  So they’re told to drink about 8 8-oz glasses of water to about one gallon of water per day.  The thing about this is if the water you’re drinking all day every day is tap water, more than likely you’re going to be doing your body more harm  than good in the long run.

Here’s a little fun test you can do to see what is going in your body, and over time, possibly clogging your arteries.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the supermarket and buy a gallon of distilled water.  It has to be distilled water.  Not spring water, not mineral water.  DISTILLED WATER.

While you’re there, buy a cleaner that gets rid of scale or lime build up.  KABOOM is one product you can use.  Make sure it says it gets rid of lime and scale build up.  The pots you currently have may have this after so many uses with tap water, so in order for the experiment to work, you’re going to need to use pots that do not have anything stuck to the sides and bottom of your pots.

2. When you get home, spray that lime and scale remover inside to pots and let it sit for water distiller machineabout 10-15 minutes. Once you see the plaque loosen up from the pots, scrub the pots with a brush (do not use a wire brush).  Rinse out the pots and make sure there’s no residue left over.

3. Fill one pot with tap water and one pot with distilled water.  You want to boil both pots at the same time to get a good comparison at the end of the experiment.

4. Boil all of the water out of both pots.  There should be no water left in the pots before you turn off the stove.

5. Look at the bottom of each pot.  What do you see in the pot that was filled with tap water?  What do you see in the pot that was filled with distilled water?  The results may shock you to see that this is what goes into your body when you drink either one of these types of water.

That residue you see at the bottom of the pot that was filled with tap water could be stuck to theboiled-out-tap-water walls of your arteries and could be responsible for a lot of circulatory problem we have in this day and age.  This experiment alone should be a reason why you switch over to distilled water as your preferred choice of drinking water, because if you look at the bottom of the pot that was filled with distilled water, you’ll see nothing stuck to the bottom of the pot.

Making Coffee Using Distilled Water

making-coffee-with-distilled-waterIf you’re using cream and sugar, or just straight black, using distilled water does not affect the taste of your coffee in a bad way.

Here’s what I like to do to enjoy a cup of coffee everyday without using tap water.

  1.  I have two empty jugs that I fill with distilled water the night before.  One I use for drinking water, and the other is used for either cooking or for making hot beverages like tea or coffee.
  2. I make my distilled water the night before, with the goal of filling two jugs by the end of the night.  I only use half a gallon of water to make one carafe full of coffee.
  3. Once the coffee is made, I put it in a stainless steel making-coffee-with-distilled-water-coffee-carafe-thermosthermos that sits on the counter, ready whenever I want to drink a cup.  I love that initial “pop” sound I get from pouring it out of the thermos with that first cup (steam pressure builds up in the thermos. Once you release the pressure by opening the spout, it gives off a “pop” sound.  For the people confused by what I mean by this)

Whenever I want a cup of coffee, I simply pour some in cup from that thermos and put it in the microwave to warm up.  If you’re into Intermittent Fasting (you only eat within a small window of hours each day, and for the majority of the day you’re not consuming any calories), you’ll always have access to your black coffee you can take with you before you head out the house and head off to work.

Enjoy Your  Tea Using Distilled Water… Hot Or Cold

making-hot-tea-with-distilled-waterDo you love a nice piping-hot cup of tea, curled up under a blanket in the winter and an iced cold tea in the summer on your back porch?  Just like coffee, you can use distilled water and it won’t affect the taste.

If you are not much of a coffee drinker, you want to sip on a delicious cup of tea with a twist of lemon.  If you’re sick and trying to fight a bug, tea is one of the best drinks during these times.  Using distilled water is best because while the tea with lemon and honey does it’s thing, you don’t have to worry about the water leaving any remnants the way tap water does.  So if you’re drinking tea with honey and lemon, those are the only three things in the water.

To make tea with distilled water, all you do is pour distilled water into a pot, let it boil, and pour it into your favorite cup with your favorite tea.  Add your favorite sweetener and even a little slice lemon for a little zinger.

Drinking tea is good for your health and in some cases, it’s medicinal.  Why not use the cleanest water you can to make the best “medicine”.  If you’re a big tea drinker, why not make the best cup of tea you’ve ever made in your life.

Cooking With Distilled Water–Will Your Food Lose Nutrients?

Cooking with distilled water does not make your food lose nutrients than it would if you used tap or spring water.  As a matter of fact, you want to use distilled water because the gravy and broth will not have the chemicals and impurities that tap water leaves behind.

Think about it, if you’re drinking distilled water by itself, if you’re making beverages with distilled water, don’t you think it will be safe to cook with distilled water as well?  When you make your stews and soups, you’re eating a lot of gravy and broth in your food.  This broth, if made with distilled water, will consist of only the water and whatever the food is made out of.  This means you’re not getting any added chemicals that you would get from tap (unless the food itself already has it).


When you have a ready-made stockpile of distilled water at your disposal, you rarely need to resort to drinking or cooking with tap water. Cooking with distilled water is best because you get all the nutrition from the food you’re eating, without the added chemicals tap water leaves behind.

Stocking Up On Gallons Of Distilled Water

Being that you’re going to be using a lot of distilled water, you need to make sure you don’t run low on your supply.  There are people who will buy gallons of water for weeks, but this can get very costly really quickly.  If you were to buy two or three gallons a day for a week, that will be about $14-$21 a week.  In one year, that’ll be over $1,000 on the high end.

Having gallons of distilled water on reserve prevents you from resorting to consuming tap water, but you may not like the idea of spending thousands of dollars on water, when you have an infinite supply coming out of your faucet.  This is the reason why a lot of people don’t subscribe to the idea of drinking bottled water.  In their mind, they think, distilled-water-stockpile

“Why am I going to spend thousand of dollars on water when I have an infinite supply coming out of my faucet.  I could spend that money on something else.”

When you get off the tap and start drinking distilled water, you improve the quality of your health.  You’ll notice a difference when you make the switch.  Some benefits you’ll feel and other will happen without you knowing.  You may lower your blood pressure because your arteries aren’t being clogged as much as they once were.  If you go to get a check up, your doctor may be able to tell you good things happening on the inside of your body that you aren’t even aware of.

The only problem with making the switch to consuming larger amounts of distilled water is it can get really expensive over time.  Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be.  You can actually have gallons of distilled water every day, and use the extra money to buy yourself something nice.

Distilled Water Doesn’t Have To Be So Expensive

If you were to make your distilled water instead of buying it, you’ll save thousands of dollars a year making more water per day.  When you have your very own water distillation unit, you’ll be able to make gallons upon gallons of water in one week, costing less than it would cost you for one gallon per day for that week.

Once you get the equipment and supplies needed for distillation and caring for the machine, you’ll notice that you’re spending less money in two years than it would cost for someone who buys one gallon of water per day for one year.


It’s amazing how we are taught that we need more in our bodies to make us healthier, but when it comes to our water, it’s quite the opposite.  If you have nothing in your water, but everything removed, you’ll improve the quality of your health.  All the vitamins, minerals, etc your body needs it gets from the food you eat.

If someone told you what could happen to you if you drink  nothing but distilled water, you may not believe them, but distilled water has so  many health benefits because it regulates your body and tries to bring it back to “perfection”… the way we are meant to be.

All this sounds like you would need to spend millions of dollars, but it’s not even close.  If you were to start making your distilled water, it would probably average to pennies a day to have gallons of water instead of a few dollars a day.

Why You Want To Invest In A Water Distiller Machine

It all boils down (no pun intended) to accessibility and cost-effectiveness.  Not everyone knows the benefits of distilled water to really care about buying it in a bottle or buying a machine to make it for them to save them hundreds, and even, thousands of dollars a year.  With false information out there demonizing distilled water, you actually have people still drinking tap water because they’re afraid of distilled water.

After reading my  posts and understanding the benefits of distilled water, you may want to start drinking distilled water instead of tap.  You may want to start cooking with it instead of running your pot under the faucet and using tap water.

Think of a counter top water distiller as an investment.  When you invest in anything, there’s that first initial cost.  This may be the most you pay.  Then you have to insure and protect that investment so it can last longer.  You need to care for that investment so it won’t be neglected and possibly break down on you, making it useless to you.

When you buy a water distiller, you are going to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but you are going to enjoy the benefits of that investment for years to come.  If you buy a $300 water distiller that is highly durable and lasts a really long time, you’re going to realize how much money you’re saving than if you bought one gallon per day.  You’re going to learn how much money you’re saving on medical bills when your body is in better health because you’re not drinking tap water with all it’s chemicals and other impurities.

When you buy your water distiller machine, you’re able to make about 2-3 gallons of water a day for less than the price of that machine.  You are taking free water right from the tap and converting it into drinkable water that has all the impurities removed from it.

Some machines hold more distilled water and they may run you in the thousands-of-dollars range.  So you may buy a water distillation unit that connects directly into the water line, distills the water all day long, and holds about 5 gallons of water.  When the tank is full, it has an automatic shut off to conserve energy, and the container used to hold the water makes sure the water stays clean and nothing leeches into it.

What I want to do is introduce to you the best water distillation unit that fits right on your counter top and gives you easy access whenever you want to make distilled water.  By having your own machine, you’ll be able too cook with and drink distilled water whenever you want.  You can store them in empty containers to stockpile just in case an emergency.

The carbon filters are very cheap and easy to replace and takes about 2-3 months to replace, depending on the amount of water you’re distilling.  You could probably distill a year’s worth of water in about 4 months and only replace 2-3 carbon filters.  That means that it cost less to distill your own water than it is to buy a gallon a day for years to come.

The Best Water Distillation Unit That Fits Right On Your Counter Top

In my opinion, the first step to good health is the water you drink.  Why?  Being that distilled water has nothing in it, it removes the toxins from your body at a much higher rate and leaves nothing behind.  When your body is flushed out on a regular basis, it gets rid of the wastes that’s responsible for a lot of diseases we have today.


When you know the best type of water to drink, you want to have it in high volumes or be able to make it whenever you want to keep enough on supply whenever you need it.  Being that bottled water can become expensive over time, you can take tap water and convert it into distilled water.  Think of it kinda like alchemy–you’re turning lead into gold.

What I want to do is introduce you to the best water distiller machine on the market, you can fit right on your counter top.  I did a review on this machine, along with the journey I went through to discover distilled water being the water I drink to improve my health.

The Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller is by far the best water distiller on the market as far as megahome heavy duty distillercounter top machines go.  Not only can you distill water from your counter top, it is made from heavy duty materials that will stand the true test of time.  It comes with a glass water carafe instead of a plastic one, which means your water will not taste like plastic.  It is very inexpensive, compared to other machines, because not only will you distill more water at a cheaper cost, but it’s won’t break down on you like the other cheaper units.

Before you make the investment in the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller, check out the honest review I did on this machine.

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