Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller–My Honest Product Review On This Amazing Counter Top Water Distiller

My Journey–How I Learned About The Benefits Of Distilled Water

rinking-distilled-waterI remember the first time I started caring about the water I drank. I didn’t drink much of it, but when I did, I always went for the free stuff. You know, the one that comes out of your faucet.

To me, water was water. If I was thirsty and it was cold, I thought that I was doing my body some justice by drinking any type of water that was around.

Unfortunately, this may be the worst type of water you can drink. It’s loaded with chemicals and traces of things that shouldn’t be introduced to the human body. Over time, this can wreak havoc on your body and your health.

I remember when my co-worker would come in with bottle water and we would make fun of him. Then, as I started getting more into my health, I started doing research on water. My co-worker was on the right path to avoiding the “faucet stuff”

I Didn’t Discover Distilled Water Right Away

At first, I looked into Alkaline Water and filters that alkalized your water. This had me drinking tap water vs distilled watermore water, but there were still things the filters could not filter out. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and found out Fluoride is something in our water that we should not be introducing to our bodies.

Unfortunately, a lot of filters do not filter out Fluoride. I knew that if I wanted to have a better quality of health, I definitely needed to drink water that had NOTHING in it

The Best Water To Drink Should Have Nothing In It

So as I did more research, I found out that the water that we should be drinking, because it has nothing in it, is distilled water. Distilled water has the ability to eliminate a lot of impurities in our bodies because it hold more toxins than even spring water (spring water is cleaner than tap, but it still has traces of sediments from the earth).

The job of water is to eliminate waste and help keep the body running smoothly. So the less your water has, the more toxins and impurities it can eliminate from your body.

Once I Started Drinking Distilled Water, I Couldn’t Go Back

distilled drinking waterWhenever I cook, whenever I get thirsty, whenever I make coffee or tea, I use distilled water. If you’re use to drinking tap water, you will notice the distinct taste that distilled water has. Once you drink it for a while and go back to tap (it’s the only water source you have at that moment) you may not like the taste of tap water anymore.

Distilled Water Is Cheaper Than Spring Water, But Is A Much Better Quality Of Water

There’s no one marketing distilled water the way they do Poland Springs, Evian, Fiji, etc spring water, which means the demand for distilled water is low. With that being said, if you buy it by the gallon, you notice you may be getting it for about the same price of a 20 oz. bottle of spring water.

Even though it’s less expensive, it can get costly if you’re going to be drinking it and cooking with it. There is a way you can get distilled water right from your counter top for free…

Introducing… The Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller

One of the best investments I’ve made was buying a water distiller that can fit right on your megahome heavy duty distillercounter top. I bought one that came with a plastic water collector. It did a great job at cleaning my water, but when it got collected into the plastic container, the water tasted and smelled like the plastic container.

I actually spent the extra money to buy a glass collector. The water machine I bought is not the same one I’m gonna suggest in this honest review. You see, the machine I’m gonna suggest is not one that I bought… it’s better!

I didn’t want you to buy the same machine I got because it comes with a plastic water collector. So I decided to find one that came with a glass water collector instead. I paid about the same amount because I had to buy a replacement water collector. Also…

The Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller is more durable. Over time, this machine will have less wear and tear than the one I purchased.

It comes with a glass carafe (kinda looks like the one from a coffee maker) to prevent you from dropping the fragile glass (the glass collector I bought has no handle like the one that actually comes with this water distillation unit

The distillation process is slightly longer, making the distilled water possibly more cleaner using this machine than the one I bought (the machine I bought distills a gallon of water in 4 hours. The Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller distills water in 5.5 hours)

A Small Investment That Saves You Money For Years To Come

By buying yourself a counter top water distiller machine, you save hundreds of dollars a year. Pour the tap water into the machine, close it up, turn it on, and let the machine go to work!

It evaporates the tap water, it uses a charcoal filter to filter out any VOCs that can get in your water during the distillation process. So, if you were to test your water after it has been distilled, you’ll see the reading is showing the water is the purest of the pure.

A Little Q & A

Q: Is distilled water safe to drink?
A: Yes! I use to drink about a gallon a day over time and I had no problems. Drinking distilled water is like breathing cleaner air

Q: Why not buy a gallon of water instead?
A: The price of this machine is less than what you may spend in a year buying your water if you use about a gallon a day or more. This small investment can save you money for years to come

Q: How much water does the Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller make?
A: One gallon per distillation process

Q: How long does it take to distill one gallon of water?
A: 5 and a half hours.  The machine has an auto shut off system when the water distillation process is done.  I’ve left my house while the water was distilling and came back to a container full of freshly distilled water and the machine was shut off

Q:Where To Buy A Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller?
A: ==> All you have to do is click this link and you’ll be taken to a trusted site (I’m sure you’re familiar and may actually shop at this site) that sells this amazing water distillation unit.